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Opinion: Economic anxiety isn't behind Trump or Brexit - MarketWatch
NEW YORK (Project Syndicate) — If Donald Trump loses the U.S. election, will the tide of populism that threatened to overwhelm the world after the Brexit vote in June begin to wane? Or will the revolt against globalization and immigration simply take.

Time to stop following defunct economic policies
I raise this question having spent last weekend in Toronto at the annual conference of the Institute for New Economic Thinking ... or rediscover. Anatole Kaletsky is chairman of INET’s board of governors, co-chairman of Gavekal Dragonomics, and author.

A New Model for Chinese Overseas Investment - Project Syndicate
Both slogans are supported by development approaches (the former in Eurasia, the latter globally) that signal China's desire to forge a new model of globalization built on mutual cooperation. Chinese enterprises are already taking these investment cues&nbsp.

Recovery is Not Resolution - Project Syndicate
Last week, the IMF revised upward its growth projections for the eurozone and Asia's advanced economies, including Japan, with the US Federal Reserve's ongoing exit from ultra-easy post-crisis monetary policy adding to the growing sense that normal.

What Mandate for Theresa May? - Project Syndicate
The UK prime minister's decision to call a snap election reflects her hope of winning a large, docile majority in Parliament for whatever Brexit agreement she concludes with the EU. But, however large her victory in June turns out to be, if she strikes.

Gavekal: The Burning Questions For 2015
When he and his father Charles and the well-known European journalist Anatole Kaletsky decided to form Gavekal some 15 years ago ... gives us a piece along these lines, called “The Burning Questions for 2015,” in which he thinks about a “Chinese.

Can China Save the Global Order? - Project Syndicate
According to International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde, emerging economies accounted for over 80% of global growth in the aftermath of the crisis, and now contribute 60% of global GDP. Meanwhile, emerging powers, particularly&nbsp.

A European Economic Miracle? - Project Syndicate
Whether or not the eurozone will succeed in finding ways to ensure that all of its members grow and benefit from growth cannot be known. What is certain is that in an environment like the current one, where the worst has passed, the task has become.

Misconstruing China’s slowdown as collapse is damaging
China’s slowdown was predictable and necessary but its reactionary policies and inaccurate expectations created by the markets are creating a dangerous perception, writes Anatole Kaletsky ONE question has dominated the International Monetary Fund’s.

Achieving Universal Health Coverage in Africa - Project Syndicate
The cost of weak health systems that are incapable of providing all people with the preventive services and treatments they need is steep. While building strong health systems is not easy, it is possible – and, indeed, necessary – if we are to create.

Can “Mercron” Deliver for Europe? - Project Syndicate
If French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have one thing going for them, it is their own mutual desire to make their partnership work. Ideally, they will enter into an open political marriage from which all of Europe will.

The Post-Crisis Elephant in the Room - Project Syndicate
Such labels only confuse the problem with the solution, because they do not address the central fact that the banking-supervision system itself caused the last crisis. Market-based financial intermediaries, such as hedge funds , may be relatively.

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