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Think your investments can’t go to zero ... are creating problems for index funds Unyielding demand from yield-hungry investors brings challenges. High-priced REIT shares are creating problems for index funds This mutual fund quadruples the S&P 500.

How can mutual fund investors redress their complaints?
Association of Mutual Funds in India, the mutual fund industry body, runs its website An investor can go to the site to learn about mutual funds, check out details about various funds, download various forms related to the industry.

Why Hanesbrands' 1Q17 Organic Sales Could Be Under Pressure - Market Realist
DTC segment sales are expected to continue the decline resulting from the company's exit from the domestic catalog business and noncore offerings. Investors looking for exposure to HBI can consider pooled investment vehicles like the First Trust Large.

DTC effects on ELSS Funds
ELSS (Equity Linked Savings Scheme) mutual funds ... When DTC (Direct Tax Code) kicks in, it will do away with the tax benefit on ELSS funds, but you still have at least this year to take advantage of these, as the soonest DTC can kick in is next year.

Nike's Got a Game Plan, Stock Could Reach $65 - Barron's
The mix shift into the direct-to-consumer ( DTC ) segment, from wholesale, not only allows Nike to navigate through the rough brick-and-mortar retail environment but also can add incremental gross-margin expansion of over 150 basis points over the next.

Pipes, Content and Mutual Funds - Bloomberg
The agreement seems relatively untroubled by antitrust concerns -- Time Warner can 't force AT&T to divest more than a de minimis amount of its businesses to get the deal done -- which may be because there is not much antitrust overlap here. AT&T owns.

Can you take a loan against mutual fund units? Find out
A loan against mutual fund units is a beneficial monetary tool for those looking to leverage their otherwise idle mutual fund investments and also raise capital quickly for short-term financing needs.

Mutual Fund Industry Finalizing Plans for T+2 Settlement
The U.S. mutual ... can be excluded from the systematic update to T+2; to accomplish this, the fund is required to list each security ID to be excluded on a new T+2 Mutual Fund Security Exclusion Form. The completed form must be submitted to the NSCC WMST2.

With GST on course, PM Narendra Modi must bring back DTC on the table - Financial Express
If the government is plugging all the loopholes that allowed tax evasion and avoidance, it must also simultaneously look at reducing the high tax burden which leads to such practices. Resurrecting a discussion on the DTC will be a good idea in this.

Low-Volatility ETFs Can Offer Steady Gains
If there’s two things investors love, it’s consistency and reliability — two attributes that deftly describe the trend of exchange-traded funds that track low volatility ... ETFs as core portfolio holdings, I can attest to their strengths.

Would You Cut the Cord on ESPN to Save $8 a Month? Here's How Many People Said Yes - Motley Fool
quot;To make matters worse, as we mentioned above, these DTC subscribers could churn on/off whenever they want (i.e., NFL fans only would have to subscribe for football season). In turn, the actual revenue from a DTC model would be significantly lower than&nbsp.

How to earn tax-efficient dividend income - MoneySense
It's important to note that foreign dividends earned by a Canadian mutual fund or exchange-traded fund (ETF) generally retain their foreign dividend tax rate when paid out to you personally. The fact that the mutual fund or ETF is Canadian doesn't.

Soon, free bus rides for senior citizens, students up to 21 - Economic Times
quot;Delhi government will soon provide free ride for senior citizens (above 60 years of age) and students up to 21 years of age, in DTC and cluster buses," Jain said at a gathering here. The decision is aimed at encouraging people to use public transport.

Stars of Hong Kong T20 Blitz ready to take cricket in Asia to the next level - South China Morning Post
The first ball of the 2017 DTC Hong Kong T20 Blitz is set to be delivered on Wednesday morning after a hectic few months in which the five franchises have scrambled to put together squads featuring top overseas and local players. But while winning is.

Delhi traffic police object to whole body wrap ads on DTC buses - Business Standard
In October 2016, however, the Special Commissioner of Delhi Police (Traffic) who is also a member of the STA Board, registered his objection that display of advertisements on right side of the public vehicles will be "a source of distraction" for the.

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