Coreshares Low Volatility Mutual Funds

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The case for mixing active and passive funds - Independent Online
Anthony Ginsburg, the South African founder of GinsGlobal Index Funds , which offers index-tracking investments in South Africa and other countries, says that, in addition to the obvious benefit of lower costs, the core-and-satellite strategy can.

Investment Masterclass: PSG's top performing money managers share stock picks - BizNews
PSG's Balanced Fund is a regular among the unit trust award winners – delivering market-beating returns at relatively low risk. .... You might get some temporary sell-offs and some volatility in these types of companies but if you take a longer-term.

Swinging Zupta wrecking ball: Five SA banks slapped with Moody's downgrades - BizNews
JOHANNESBURG — Credit rating downgrades are coming thick and fast in South Africa, with more possibly on the way. It's now emerged that Moody's – after downgrading South Africa's rating on Friday – has now downgraded the country's top five banks as&nbsp.

Naspers-linked Delivery Hero jumps on Frankfurt listing, market cap hits $5.1bn - BizNews
The food delivery company, which connects customers and restaurants via its apps, rose as high as €26.90 a share and traded at €26 as of 9:55 a.m. after setting a final offer price of €25.50, at the ceiling of a range projected as low as €22 last week.

7 burning questions for EOH as corruption allegations bubble over - BizNews
But this short term volatility comes amid a general downward trend for the company's share price over the last 8 months on the JSE. From being at a high of R174.83 on October 3, 2016, to plunging below the R100 mark briefly on 27 July 2017, it's been a&nbsp.

Why an index fund in South Africa is not always the best option -
In fact, over the last five years and more, many well-known balanced funds have outperformed the Top 40, due to their flexibility and choice of other asset classes, notably offshore instruments. Balanced funds have much lower volatility levels than an.

Fears of Tulip-bulb craze, 90s style dotcom crash stalk Bitcoin buyers - BizNews
The $600 round trip was the biggest daily swing in its history. It then slumped 8 percent the next day. Bitcoin was down 1.5 percent to $2,255.50 as of 12:35 p.m. in New York. For bears, that kind of volatility shows the asset's unreliability as a.

Gareth Stobie: Why Fintech and passive investing go hand in hand - BizNews
Investing in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) has become a fast growing phenomenon in South Africa, with a range of product offerings emerging in recent years. One company trying to make passive investing more popular is CoreShares , which has just&nbsp.

Gareth Stobie: Disruptive Smart Beta – 'slowly' eating active managers lunch - BizNews's Alec Hogg chats further on the topic with Gareth Stobie from CoreShares , looking at how Smart Bet is 'slowly' disrupting the investment management industry. And while ... Some of the managers saying that they've seen the flows have.

Exchange-traded funds are the go-to investment for advisors
Eighty percent said they use mutual funds ... for smart beta funds and factor ETFs. Like the DFA model, the funds are passively managed according to rules that emphasize a desirable characteristic such as low valuation or low volatility.

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