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Forensic profiler: Meet Obama – the 'sandman' -
WASHINGTON – An eminent psychiatrist and forensic profiler suggests Barack Obama is “confessing” to the American people who he is and what he wants to do to the country, but most citizens are just not trained to decode his messages. Dr. Andrew G.

Hillary Clinton Thinks Breaking Up the Big Banks Won't End Racism and Sexism—Is She Right? - AlterNet
Not shit-eating-grin President Bill Clinton at the height of his virility/virulence, but the Clinton of today who is occasionally given to weirdly bitter rants that are simultaneously nonsensical and illuminating, like a warped decoder ring for.

Donald Trump at UNGA: Full text of US president's speech threatening 'total destruction' of North Korea
Strong, sovereign nations let diverse countries with different values, different cultures, and different dreams not just coexist, but work side by side on the basis of mutual respect ... (Applause.) All responsible leaders have an obligation to serve.

The Five-Bedroom, Six-Figure Rootless Life
Left with the class's emblematic cars, Lily Pulitzer skirts and Ralph Lauren shirts, their golf, tennis and soccer and, most conspicuously, their houses, they have staked out their place and inflated the American dream. "What is the American dream.

Review: Barbara Kingsolver's got the Red State blues in 'Flight Behavior'
Dellarobia, whose dreams of leaving Feathertown to go to college ... "Switch some of your stocks and mutual funds to socially responsible investments." Kingsolver does give us a back story about Dellarobia's marriage to Cub that has enough moments of.

Just read your Bible, from Noah’s story through the Revelations ... There, too, we had armed and trained barbaric gangs like the Taliban, with funds provided by the Saudis, to help kick the Soviets out of Afghanistan; God knows why; of what interest.

The Betrothal
The Betrothal portion of the ceremony consists ... although the Talmudic Sages developed scripturally-implied mutual obligations and rights. Biblically, men had obligations because they had the funds and the power, while women’s influence, though often.

Will South Africa really let TAC fold? - Daily Maverick
South Africa is a country of many heroes. People who gave their lives, careers, safety, neglected their nearest in order to fight for the greater good, against injustice, so all of us could have a future. In the personal pantheon of mine, there are few.

Can You and Your Money Make the World a Better Place?
We have a genuinely angry and upset population, and it's not just politics," says Kit Yarrow, consumer psychologist and author of "Decoding ... find hundreds of mutual funds and exchange-traded funds that apply some form of socially responsible investing.

Donald Trump: The great white hope? -
They just preferred America when they could pursue their dreams with a stacked deck. Trump promises to take them back to a time when .... Is there some conspiracy decoder ring I need to decipher this one? When any person that gets the shaft and.

The Battle for Palestine - Consortium News
So, when Winston Churchill became Colonial Secretary and as such was responsible for Palestine, he publicly rebuked the Zionists for trying to force Britain's hand and emphasized that in the Balfour Declaration the British government had promised only.

A Beautiful Mind - Vanity Fair
Alicia was a woman short on funds , about to give birth to the couple's first child, and nearly frantic with worry. She was ... The messages, meant only for him, were encrypted; others couldn't decode them. ... Her house on Tazewell Street sat high on a.

Young and Restless in China
These are the intimate stories of hope and disappointment from inside a society changing faster than any in history, stories of what it's like to be Young and Restless in China ... Miranda's job advertising mutual funds has put her in the heart of.

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