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Quite simply, markets do go down, not just up. In my view there is an increased risk of a flash crash in an environment where we are ever more dependent on automated liquidity providers that might withdraw liquidity the instant there's an anomaly in the.

Woe Betide The Value Investor
The excess return earned by the average value mutual fund investor has been meaningfully ... more paragraphs to learn the punchline. After all, we do have word count targets to make. The Value Anomaly Value is the undisputed champion of investment anomalies.

Are Oil Companies 21st Century Slaveowners?
Imagine a modern-day political movement that contended that mutual funds and 401(k ... getting other human beings to do the bulk of the work that the solar regime required of its participants. This could be done by using accrued money to pay for labor.

How the global super rich avoid paying tax
3.5 trillion in mutual fund holdings were kept in Luxembourg; that is the total of recorded assets. What happened to the missing $1.5 trillion? In global statistics, that amount had no owners. For Zucman's purposes, the anomaly is a revealing one.

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Do you realize that the companies on the NASDAQ wrote off $148 billion of previously reported profits. The companies that lead ... At the same time that happened, corporate pension funds in America and mutual funds in America exploded.

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investment advisors and mutual funds. Amateur traders who trade at home for a living don’t move markets or put stocks into sustained uptrends. Institutional traders are the only ones with the purchasing power to do that. Swing traders and day traders can.

Tech Stocks Take Another Trashing
RICK SCHOTTENFELD, SCHOTTENFELD ASSOCIATES: I still think we're in mutual fund tax selling season ... NEAL: OK, that's going to do it for this week's edition of MONEYWEEK. We'll see you next week. Have a great weekend. TO ORDER A VIDEO OF THIS TRANSCRIPT.

Column: Eight years on from Lehman, finance remains a tax on us all
Two stories from this week’s news illustrate this well: First, almost 90 percent of U.S. actively managed stock mutual funds failed to beat the ... and take with her $124.6 million of accrued stock and options. We do not know how many employees were.

Is Congress Ruining Stock Prices?
Read: Paul Ryan's Pet Mutual Fund Project] Over time, the notion of the "Do-Nothing Congress" has become a popular ... stock market and author of Trade the Congressional Effect: How to Profit From Congress's Impact on the Stock Market, also manages.

There Goes the Neighborhood
No one says a word. The capital’s press gives these folks ... Greenspan has played enabler to this boom. But with the Fed fund’s rate at 1 percent, the chairman can’t do much more to sustain it. Tens of millions of Americans have already refinanced.

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