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Asset-Based Fee Model Is Here to Stay - Financial Advisor IQ
Alternative fee structures have their own potential conflicts of interest, and investors favor the asset-based fee model even in the face of price competition from lower-cost robo-advisors, writes Robinson, a financial advisor and owner of Financial.

Planning through salary swings
If you’re incorporated, tax planning can be a little easier because you ... Ask a Planner: Leave your question for Jason Heath » Jason Heath is a fee-only, advice-only Certified Financial Planner (CFP) at Objective Financial Partners Inc. in Toronto.

How to hack your HSA: It's not just for medical costs anymore - CNBC
But certified financial planner Sophia Bera, founder of financial advisory firm Gen Y Planning, points out that workers can sock away savings for their later years in an unexpected way — with, of all things, a health savings account. HSAs are not.

Weekend Reading for Financial Planners (October 7-8)
tips on potential tax deductions that advisory ... and a fascinating look at the future of financial advisors and the shift to the RIA model from industry leader Mark Tibergien. There are also several more technical planning articles this week, from.

Retirement planning challenges under tax reform
In addition, investment-income related deductions such as financial adviser, tax planning and preparation fees which are currently deductible subject to the 2% adjusted gross income limit for those who itemize, would be axed under the current proposals.

10 ways to actually bring fair tax relief to Canada’s middle class
Allow for the deduction of tax and financial planning fees from all income. With the storm of complexity and uncertainty that appears to be coming at us, it’s the least the government can do. Evelyn Jacks is Founder and President of Knowledge Bureau.

You can deduct these retirement community fees as medical expenses
As such, they can involve heavy financial ... a valuable tax break can offset part of the one-time fee to enter a CCRC and part of the monthly fees to stay there. Specifically, your parent (or maybe you depending on who is paying) can deduct a percentage.

Crash of '87: What have we learnt and could it happen again? - ABC Online
missing as well. In the week leading up to the crash, US legislators decided to reverse the generous tax deductibility for interest costs incurred in takeovers. ... Are leveraged ETFs the new weapon of 'mass financial disaster'?. Mr Murphy's.

South Carolina's top financial advisor shares college savings advice - Moultrie News
These include tuition, room and board, mandatory fees , books, supplies, computers and other equipment required for college enrollment or attendance. • Take advantage of Future Scholar's tax advantages: Future Scholar has one of the best state tax.

Fidelity, American Century adopting new TDF fee tactic as cost pressures grow - InvestmentNews
Two of the largest managers of target-date-fund assets, Fidelity Investments and American Century Investments, are changing how they assess fees in the multi-asset funds, at a time of heightened cost scrutiny and as TDFs capture an increasing portion.

These Unexpected Retirement Expenses Could Derail Your Future Plans
Research shows 17% of Americans age 65 and older have been taken advantage of in terms of irresponsible investments, high fees ... to do your tax returns as you age. Irresponsible or careless money management could lead to significant financial losses.

The Hidden Costs of Variable Annuities and How to Avoid Them - Nasdaq
Tax deductions : Another rarely discussed downside to annuities is that the investment management fees and other charges are not tax deductible as they would be on other investment accounts. The IRS views them as insurance contracts and fees for things&nbsp.

Six Investing Tips for New College Grads -
But with proper knowledge and the right approach, investing can be the ticket to financial freedom down the road. ... Living with roommates, moving in with your parents and using public transit are all good, temporary measures you can take to keep.

A Healthy Way to Increase Your Retirement Savings: HSAs - Kiplinger's Personal Finance
And women should actively engage in the financial and retirement planning meetings — even when it's not what they really want to be doing. Unfortunately, meetings with both spouses in attendance don't always happen, which can mean that when the loss.

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