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Selecting A Hedge Fund Replication Approach
Traditional long-only managers can only invest in long positions up to 100 percent of the value of their portfolios, by definition ... period from 1995-1999, hedge funds returned, on average, 18.16 percent, while the U.S. equity market, as measured.

Why Constraints on Hedge Funds Matter
The growth of liquid alternatives has focused attention on what happens when talented hedge fund managers are asked to manage money within the constraints of a mutual fund ... biased to Equity Hedge and Macro. Today, 70% of the HFR Fund Weighted.

Correlation crash good news for active managers
Equity hedge funds are also revelling in the new de-correlated environment, gaining on average 7.7 per cent this year according to HFR, already the best performance ... while US equity mutual funds have lost $US75bn. That may not seem like a positive.

Liquid alternatives vs. hedge funds
In contrast, U.S. equity ... index mutual funds, liquid alternatives are starting to rival hedge funds. Leading hedge fund indexes have been in a performance funk since 2007, and this year is no exception. Year-to-date through August, the HFRI Fund.

Viewing Liquid Alternatives Through a Hedge Fund Lens
Liquid alternative investments, also known as “alternative mutual funds ... while funds that were net-bearish underperformed. The funds in GSAM’s long/short equity peer group outperformed both the HFRI and HFRX Equity Hedge indexes, and Morningstar.

Why Alternative Investments Are Bad for Your Portfolio
Liquid alternatives offering exposure to hedge-fund strategies and nontraditional asset classes through a mutual fund or ETF wrapper are becoming increasingly popular among investors looking to increase diversification at a time when equity valuations are.

Hedge Fund News: Chris Hansen, Ray Dalio, Lookers
Benchmark Plus offers index fund with novel fee structure (HedgeFundsReview) The Benchmark Plus HFRI Equity Hedge TRAX ... s Teachers to allocate to hedge funds, REITs (Opalesque) The 529,800-member strong Japan’s Teachers Mutual Aid Co-operative Society.

What Can Alternative Investments Offer?
Hedge funds have liquidity dates that are monthly, as opposed to mutual funds which would be daily ... "Alternative assets by definition have less liquidity than traditional assets, but they also offer massive upsides if you can sacrifice short-term.

Do All Hedge Funds Really Hedge?
A proper research, due diligence and selection of hedge funds is a must to get a real hedge for your portfolio. By definition ... and S&P 500 Index Source: HFRI Indices, MC Investments calculations Unlike traditional mutual funds hedge funds typically.

Commentary: Hedge fund land – an expensive amusement park?
The surge in hedge fund investing began with the popping of the tech bubble in the early 2000s. Back then, the United States and every other developed equity market in the world ... 37.6% (-14.5% per year) while the HFRI Composite index of hedge funds.

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