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Indeed, as a group, the five leading personal-finance mags - which include Time Inc. 's Money and also SmartMoney, Kiplinger ... magazine's growth just weren't there," she added. Some of the 33 staffers may join other Time Inc. mags. Time Inc. bought.

Which Price fund is best? 3 answers Three magazines give 3 different responses
T. Rowe Price Associates Inc. has a bevy of mutual funds, but which one is the best? Smart Money magazine says it's T. Rowe Price's Growth Stock. Money magazine claims its Price's Equity Income Fund; and Kiplinger's Mutual Fund '97 picks Mid-Cap Growth.

Mutual Fund Rankings, 2017 - Kiplinger Personal Finance
Focused funds and funds that own cheap stocks dominated the one-year list. One fund with both attributes was Artisan Value, with 34 stocks and big stakes in energy, technology and basic materials. Results for Kiplinger 25 member Dodge & Cox Stock are&nbsp.

Nine best personal finance influencers and publications for saving money
Kiplinger keeps you informed with advice pieces and up-to ... They split their Investing section into four separate sections: Stocks, ETFs, Mutual Funds, and Advisors as well as Trending Stories related to the subject. Each individual section offers.

This Socially Responsible Mutual Fund Offers Low Fees, Low Minimums, Big Returns - Kiplinger Personal Finance
When an unfamiliar name pops up as a top performer, we'll often take a closer look. It turns out that the fund in question, Aspiration Redwood (symbol REDWX), features a couple of investor-friendly benefits. Despite a tiny asset base of $16 million.

4 Great Mutual Funds to Earn 1% - 5% on Municipal Bonds - Kiplinger Personal Finance
To maximize tax savings, find a muni mutual fund that will trim both federal and state taxes. For now, it's prudent to stick with short- or intermediate-term funds, forgoing some income in exchange for a buffer against rising rates. A good choice for.

2 Great New Mutual Funds for the Kip 25 - Kiplinger Personal Finance
Asia remains promising, but we think a more diversified approach may better suit the Kiplinger 25 and our readers. So how about investing in a fund that bets on small firms around the world? Enter International Discovery, which holds about 250 small.

Ask Kim: How do I handle an inherited IRA? - Chicago Tribune
You can keep the IRA at that bank or transfer it to a different IRA custodian, such as a brokerage firm or mutual fund company. Money from an ... (Kimberly Lankford is a contributing editor to Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine . Send your questions.

5 Super Low-Cost ETFs - Kiplinger Personal Finance
If you're trying to edge the overall stock market, you can take your chances by picking individual issues, or you could buy an actively managed mutual fund . But some exchange-traded funds may get the job done, too, and it won't cost you much to give.

4 Vanguard Funds You May Not Know About - Kiplinger Personal Finance
For a bit of perspective on the Vanguard funds lineup, there are 126 mutual funds (not including different share classes) available to investors and The Vanguard Group is about 42 years old. Do a little math and investors might expect to see about.

Investing: Get advice from an online broker - Chicago Tribune
These accounts hold Vanguard ETFs and the Admiral share class of its mutual funds , which charge some of the lowest expense ratios in the industry. E*Trade ... (Daren Fonda is a senior associate editor at Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine . Send your&nbsp.

5 Index-Beating Vanguard Funds - Kiplinger Personal Finance
“The argument against actively managed funds comes down to cost,” Wiener says. “There are lots of good managers, but they are hampered by huge operating-cost headwinds.” The average U.S. stock mutual fund charges 1.14% annually; Vanguard's&nbsp.

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