Lowest Expense Ratio Mutual Funds India

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What is a mutual fund? - Economic Times
For example: An investors can choose a liquid fund to park money for a few weeks. Similarly, she can choose a dynamic bond fund to invest for a medium-term of three to five years. For long-term goals, investing in equity mutual funds is considered.

Quantum Mutual Fund announces roadmap for lower expense ratios - Economic Times
quot;Since our inception, Quantum has always been focussed on keeping costs low for investors. As we continue to deliver performance and reach out to more people, our Assets Under Management (AUM) will surely grow," said Quantum Mutual Fund in a note.

Am I investing in good schemes? - Economic Times
Look at maximum two largecap, two multicap and one midcap fund to consolidate your investment into few funds , which is relatively easier to monitor and manage. Invest in comparatively new fund houses like Motilal Oswal MOSt Focused Multicap 35 Fund &nbsp.

How GST will impact your mutual fund investments? - Economic Times
India's biggest tax reform, Goods and Services Tax or GST, is about to be a reality from July 1. Many mutual fund ... Neil Parikh believes that the new tax rules have nothing to bother the mutual fund investors except the higher expense ratios . “There.

How important are expense ratios to debt funds?
Your mutual fund charges a fee to manage your money. So, how important is this fee while choosing a fund? Broadly—and very broadly speaking—low expense ... a higher expense ratio need not always be bad. Schemes like Franklin India Short-Term Income.

Fund review: Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund - Economic Times
Among the large-cap schemes, Mirae Asset India Opportunities is one of the most stable and consistently better performing schemes.The scheme's fund manager, Neelesh Surana, follows two key principles. One, to buy companies that not only have high&nbsp.

Mutual funds: Points to note in an offer document
It is better to select a mutual fund scheme, which has got a low expense ratio as compared to its peers ... What are the mutual funds in India? How is a mutual fund set up? What is Net Asset Value (NAV) of a scheme? What are sector specific funds/schemes.

New to mutual funds? Start with ultra short term funds, say advisors - Economic Times
Mutual fund advisors have found a new way to educate new investors flocking to invest in mutual funds . Eager to make extra returns after banks slashed interest rates on deposits after demonetisation, these investors have absolutely no clue about how.

A Smarter Approach to ETF Investing - Wall Street Journal (subscription)
It may be tempting to skip fund literature and just choose the ETF with the lowest expense ratio , says Todd Rosenbluth, head of ETF and mutual - fund research at New York-based financial-analysis firm CFRA. That could be a mistake: Performance can hinge&nbsp.

Ask ET Mutual Funds: Where to invest for three-year goal? - Economic Times
The short horizon makes it difficult to recoup any likely losses on your investments. Because of these factors, you should invest only in safer avenues to meet your short-term goals. That limits your investment options to just bank deposits and debt.

Why Direct Mutual Funds Scheme Reap Better Returns than Normal
You guessed it right-Mutual Funds ... the customer approaches the fund house or AMC directly without any middle man. Since there is no middle man involved, the distributor commission is reduced. This means low expense ratio and hence better compounded.

Here's how to be a crorepati by starting out with just Rs 5000 a month investment - Economic Times
Investing in an equity mutual fund scheme via an SIP is the best way to achieve your long-term goals. Equity has the potential to offer superior returns than other asset classes. It may also help you to beat inflation which is essential to achieve long.

Ask ET Mutual Funds: I have 15 SIPs. Please review my portfolio. - Economic Times
I am 35 years old and have a SIP portfolio of Rs 52,000 invested in 15 SIPs. Franklin High Growth Companies Fund (Rs 2,000), SBI Magnum Midcap Fund (Rs 3,000), Reliance Equity opportunities Fund (Rs 5,000), ICICI Prudential Dynamic Fund -Direct&nbsp.

More mutual fund investors opt for direct plans on lower costs - Economic Times
One, increasing financial literacy and awareness among investors helps them take well informed decision in terms of fund selection. Second, cost saving on com mission. For instance, Franklin India Bluechip's regular scheme has an expense ratio (a fee&nbsp.

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