Methane Hydrate Formation Kinetics Mutual Funds

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Rock physics of fibrous rocks akin to Roman concrete explains uplifts at Campi Flegrei Caldera
The rock physics analysis of well cores highlights the presence of ... reflecting that characterizing the cementitious pastes in modern and Roman concrete. The formation of fibrous minerals by intertwining filaments confers shear and tensile strength.

Averting planetary disaster means forcing fossil fuel companies to forego $10 trillion in wealth
If you already have a gloomy, depressed, and perhaps even a hopeless feeling about humankind's prospects of weaning ourselves from the dangerous carbon dioxide emitting fossil fuels quickly enough to avoid the 2 degree centigrade increase in temperature by.

LNG on the March, Shale Oil Reserves Expand - Analyst Blog
As a result, some very high figures are being bandied about for potential total recoverable reserves, just in the Bakken formation, and the one called ... to develop commercial capture of seabed methane hydrates. Apparently, the results were at least.

India, US may ink pact to explore shale gas
NEW DELHI: US President Barack Obama's India visit is expected to boost the country's effort to commercially exploit new energy sources, such as methane, from rich deposits of marine gas hydrates offshore ... and policy formation," he said.

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Wall Street's Winners May Be Determined While They're Still in the Womb
Men who want to know if they’d make it as day traders on Wall Street just have to look down at the fingers, according to a new study. The longer their ring fingers are in relation to their pointer fingers, the more likely they are to have what it takes.

RDC investment supports R&D aimed at overcoming challenges in the oil and gas sector
The drop in temperature can lead to pipeline blockages due to the formation of gas hydrates, wax deposits or scales. While the formation of hydrates is an issue, there is also the issue of pressure loss and the spatial distribution of the pipeline flow.

New Nest Thermostat Pretty
For the first time ever, Nest has redesigned its iconic smart thermostat. The new Nest Thermostat E basically does the same stuff the old thermostat did, but it’s not black and steel any more. It’s all white, like the front half of a classic iPod. Very.

Technology for Saudi fracking boom moves closer to reality
Extracting seabed methane hydrate is another ... in the Austin Chalk Formation—was backed by a group called the Joint Chalk Research group based in Denmark. The members of this group are BP, ConocoPhillips, the Danish North Sea Fund, Danish state-owned.

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