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Active vs. Passive Investing - Investopedia
Pam Krueger is the founder of "WealthRamp" and co-host of "MoneyTrack" on PBS. The national spokesperson for The Institute for the Fiduciary Standard, she is a featured columnist for Investopedia . The views expressed by columnists are those of the.

How Vanguard Dominates the Mutual Fund Industry - Investopedia
One billion dollars per day. That's the amount of money that has been flowing into Vanguard Funds since the election. The index fund giant says from 2013 through 2016 investors dropped $823 billion into its funds , more than 8.5 times the rest of the.

Vanguard Dominates In REITs - Investopedia
Mutual fund colossus The Vanguard Group Inc. has become the biggest holder of REITs in the U.S. through its mutual funds and ETFs, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer, which cites analysis of SEC reports performed by Bloomberg. ... Jeffrey DeMaso.

A Smart Idea for Mortgage Bonds - Investopedia
Investors continue hearing about the growth of fixed income exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Year to date, bond ETFs have set a record with $84 billion of inflows, while some fixed income ETFs are becoming increasingly accessible and appealing to a.

Mutual Funds vs. Index Funds: Why Not Both?
Charles Darwin Mutual funds are a vehicle for investors to pool their money and purchase more securities (stocks, bonds or both) than they could alone. The fund company owns the underlying investments while the investor owns shares of the fund. Buying and.

A Responsible Way to Solid EM Returns - Investopedia
A growing number of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are delivering exposure to environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing principles. Investors looking to put ESG virtues to work in their portfolios do not need to confine that relationship to U.

Why Morgan Stanley Stock Is Crushing Goldman Sachs - Investopedia
Meanwhile, Goldman has been hurt by the massive shift of trillions of dollars of investor money to passive mutual funds and ETFs, which has dampened its trading volume, the Journal says. Additional problems include decreased order flow from hedge funds&nbsp.

Understanding the New 'T' Shares - Investopedia
As if there weren't already enough mutual fund share classes (25,236 of them to be exact, according to the Investment Company Institute), experts predict an onslaught of new classes will storm the fund industry this year. That's because the mutual fund&nbsp.

Why Your Portfolio Didn't Keep up With the S&P 500 - Investopedia
Advisors who have clients who are wondering why their portfolios lagged the index need to have a conversation about the long-term benefits of diversification and why it is necessary. Advisors who can explain to their clients that poorly performing.

Changes Coming at ETF Giant Vanguard - Investopedia
Vanguard was already known as a low-cost leader in the world of index funds when McNabb became CEO and was just getting going in the world of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) prior to his ascent to the top spot at the company. Under McNabb's ... "Vanguard.

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