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Why SEBI's attempt to standardise labelling of mutual funds will help investors
I have been investing in mutual funds since 1999 and fail to understand why AMCs send communication about new fund launches but never try to reinforce my decision ... investment universe to align with the new definition. In mutual funds, excessive choices.

Here’s Why You Really Need an Emergency Fund
You also want to avoid investments, such as stocks or mutual funds ... then it’s time to let your emergency fund help you out—that’s why you have it! Even in a real emergency, try to avoid completely drawing down your emergency fund to $0.

Dogma Is Dangerous: The Problem With Active Vs. Passive Debating
Index returns across all the various assets classes - which by definition are not perfectly correlated ... Depending on the year, the percentage of active mutual funds trailing the market can be as high as 80% and even 90% in some market segments.

Universities Must Reinvent Themselves
The imbalance of funds is as much an effect as ... And there’s the simple math problem that there can by definition only be a handful of elite programs in any specialty. 2. The state-university divorce is mutual. Marcus brings up the Morrill Act.

Thaler, the CUBA fund and the efficient markets hypothesis (plus a roundup)
It resides in the ostensibly dreary realm of closed-end mutual funds. Thaler presented this example at the ... Perhaps we should adopt the definition of market efficiency proposed by Fischer Black (1986) in his presidential address to the American Finance.

Warren Buffett on Beating the Stock Market
If you don't, however, that leaves two basic ways to invest: passively managed index funds or actively managed mutual funds and hedge funds. According to Buffett, here's how not to try to beat the ... will, by definition, match the market's performance.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Mutual Funds
A mutual fund by definition is a company that pools money from many investors ... five and 10 years and/or since the mutual fund’s inception. It is also important to try and uncover the “why” behind that fund’s performance and decide if the.

Will more gun laws stop the next mass shooting?
The particular thing that he did appears to use something called a bump stock, which is currently legal under the federal statutory definition ... who are -- who own Puerto Rican debt through mutual funds, and they're pensioners. GIGOT: OK.

Seven things you need to know while investing in liquid funds
For those looking for a safe avenue to park their money for short durations, investing in Liquid funds is ideal. What are liquid funds? Liquid fund is a type of mutual fund which ... Liquid funds, therefore by definition is classified as an open-ended.

Why not select a fund expected to give maximum return without worrying about risk?!
Each week I try and answer generic questions from readers ... Second, with all this talk about reorganising mutual fund schemes, I am not sure it makes sense for me to publish this months PlumbLine list. So will wait for the dust to settle.

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