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Why Cost Matters In The Active Vs. Passive Debate
When Vanguard launched the first index mutual fund ... of equity funds, while nearly $550 billion was drained from funds in the three most expensive quartiles. 1 Those trends were driven primarily by advisors purchasing low-cost ETFs for their clients.

Exchange-traded funds vs. index funds | Biz Brain
we're going to assume you're considering either an ETF or index fund that both have the same benchmark, and let's compare the two. One main difference between an ETF and an index mutual fund is that the ETF trades continuously while the market is open.

U.S. Fund Investors Hesitant on Domestic Stocks: ICI
With the uncertainty tied to the impact of hurricanes and geopolitical risks tied to North Korea, investors have continued to favor the relative stability of investment-grade bond funds," said Todd Rosenbluth, director of ETF and mutual fund research at CFRA.

Goldilocks Principle
The Goldilocks principle is the idea that there is an ideal amount ... Finally, note that flows data on the full universe of mutual funds and ETFs is released monthly with about a two week lag. A subset of funds and ETFs accounting for about half of.

As tax overhaul unfolds, some investing angles to consider
People who prefer to invest in stocks via mutual funds, index funds or exchange-traded funds (ETFs) can look at funds that focus on small-cap stocks or those that own multinationals as a way to trade on the prospects of tax reform. Here are some that Phil.

Make Your Kid an Investing Genius
And that may have consequences: In a poll of adults ages 22 to 35, just 56% of women had begun saving for retirement, vs. 61% of men. In High School: Get Real ... index exchange-traded fund, which can have a much smaller initial buy-in than a mutual.

PIMCO Total Return Fund vs. BOND
People have been talking about how the PIMCO Total Return mutual fund (PTTAX - News) is being outperformed by the PIMCO Total Return ETF (BOND - News ... 4.7 billion of investor's assets. The PIMCO Total Return fund comes in maze of different share.

Mutual funds log Rs 2 lakh crore inflows in Apr-Sep FY'17
gold ETFs continued to see net outflow of Rs 388 crore. "The huge inflow could be attributed into equity, balanced and money market funds with robust participation from retail and HNI investors," said Anshul Saigal, portfolio manager at Kotak Mutual Fund.

International investing: How to set an allocation you — and your clients — can live with
The fund has gained 10.63% a year the past five years, vs. 10.33% for the average world stock fund, according to Morningstar. Expense ratio: Just 0.21%. The fund has an ETF version (VT), priced at 0.11% annually. You could also choose a fund that adjusts.

Active vs. Passive Investing: Why This Is the Wrong Debate
The real comparison ... distinction between active vs. passive becoming less informative, investors must seek out information on more relevant characteristics when evaluating investments. Read the latest Investing in Funds & ETFs Report.

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