Stocks Or Mutual Funds Where To Invest Now

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How to Invest in Index Funds
Everyone gushes about index mutual funds, and for good reason: They're an easy, hands-off, diversified, low-cost way to invest in the stock market. When investors buy an index fund, they get a well-rounded selection of many stocks in one package without.

Just married? Here's how to get yourselves financially in sync - Economic Times
Do you like risks ( investing in stocks and equity funds ) or are you risk-averse (fixed deposits and debt funds )? Do you make impulse (and expensive) purchases or do you research and plan them out? Do you believe in being debt-free or are you.

The worst-case scenario for passive investing (part II) -
The fact that 20 % of the market is now owned by indexes, perhaps drawing money away from mutual funds and other institutional investors that would put money in IPOs, could be playing a role. ... And the general worry is about the stocks left behind.

Long-Only Mutual Funds Have Turned Into the Stock Market's Daredevils - Bloomberg
β€œThis has been a very low-vol, relentless rally and passive investments are putting pressure on the business model,” Mike Wilson, chief equity strategist at Morgan Stanley, said by phone. β€œThe pressure is greater on long-only ... β€œThe active managers.

Explained: You should invest in following debt mutual funds based on your risk profile -
now with the new normal of low interest rates on fixed deposits & small saving schemes. It is very disturbing for many because of their investment style and return expectations from the past. Invest in mutual funds , I said. 'Don't mutual funds.

'Shell' company stocks surged up to 188% in '17; but there's no exit now - Economic Times
Sebi News - Latest sebi News, Information & Updates - Real Estate News -ET RealEstate - ET Realty ET Realty.

One-year value funds miss the returns bus despite bull run - Economic Times
According to data from mutual fund research firm Value Research, the biggest loser among the value funds now are those with one-year tenor, while those three to five years tenor are not that bad. ICICI Pru's value fund has given an annual return of 12.

The power of Bharat-22 bluechip stocks could outperform Nifty; stay invested -
ETFs or exchange traded funds are similar to mutual funds wherein investors can purchase units, the value of which will depend on the rise and fall in line with the performance of 22 stocks . In the Exchange Traded Fund (ETF), 22 companies will have a&nbsp.

Top 10 small & midcaps which fund managers bought in July rose up to 200% in 2017 -
However, if investors plan to invest in small and midcap stocks via direct equity they should avoid penny stocks and basic research is a must. Because most stocks which have given stellar returns which now appear attractive could be suffering from poor&nbsp.

Sebi firming up rules to classify mutual fund schemes - Economic Times
The regulator's decision to simplify the process of investing in mutual funds comes at a time when retail investors are pouring money into various schemes. India's 42-member mutual fund industry handles over Rs 19.5 lakh crore in assets across 2,000&nbsp.

Is it easy to invest directly in stocks and beat mutual funds?
Many people believe that they might earn more than mutual funds if they invest directly in stocks. This need not be true in most cases. Investors need to understand that it all boils down to the question whether they can create and manage a portfolio.

Look for firms with strong earnings; see cheap valuations in IT, pharma and telecom: Kotak MF -
Kotak MF. Nilesh Shah of Kotak Mutual Fund believes that there are divisions in the market β€” one which has froth, cheap valuations, expensive valuations and the ones with good earnings. .... Any such sectors or themes or stocks which you have.

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