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Investors need to track an active manager's investment style and strategies
Even passive investing's biggest fans still believe that active management has its place in the right circumstances.But with so many actively managed funds and so many strategies ... which corner of the market or style box to fill. You must also research.

Morningstar's New Funds Gambit: Opportunity and Controversy - Barron's
“As the number of mutual funds , ETFs, and other vehicles expanded, Morningstar helped investors and advisors make sense of the dizzying array of choices,” says Nuveen CEO Vijay Advani, whose firm manages $882 billion in assets. “And its influence.

In a world of passive investing, active strategies still have a place - CNBC
When it comes to selecting an active strategy, the task is a bit more complicated, because it involves more than simply figuring out which corner of the market or style box to fill. You must also research a manager's investment style and track record.

How to select the right mutual funds; check out the 'style box' - Financial Express
Morningstar, an investment research firm, provides visual summary of style in simplified nine-square matrix called ' style box ' for mutual funds since 1992. The two-dimensional graphic has remained very popular among equity fund investors with the size.

Should You Replace Your Active Manager with a Smart Beta ETF? - ETF Trends
To better understand this, we've studied the weekly performance of U.S. equity active mutual funds and their smart beta ETF peers in each Morningstar style box category. We evaluate funds with inception dates at least three years prior, and with.

Mutual Fund Investors: Watch Your Style
Well then, it’s time to choose some mutual funds ... Based on that information, fund research companies like Morningstar evaluate the fund’s characteristics and assign each fund to a style box. Common style box categories are based on the size.

Vanguard Wellington: Keep Accumulating Shares Of This Classic - Seeking Alpha
Within that allocation, the fund is well diversified and doesn't take any unusual risks. The equity portion holds more than 100 names and tilts heavily towards the large value style box with names such as Microsoft (MSFT), JPMorgan Chase (JPM), Chevron&nbsp.

Lower Fees Are Great, if You Actually Get Them - New York Times
So the overall trend in fund flows to cheaper mutual funds means that the average asset-weighted expense ratio of index funds dropped to 0.17 percent, Morningstar found — considerably lower than the average 0.75 percent fee charged by active funds.

Morningstar to create new style box for liquid alt funds
Morningstar is moving financial advisers a step closer to cutting through the fog of alternative-strategy mutual funds by creating a fresh set of style boxes just for liquid alternative funds. The new style boxes, which are still under construction.

3 Top Small-Cap Blend Mutual Funds For Attractive Returns - Seeking Alpha
Blend funds provide significant exposure to both growth and value stocks and owe their origin to a graphical representation of a fund's equity style box . Funds investing the majority of their assets in securities of companies with market capitalization.

A New Framework for Analyzing Alternative Mutual Funds -
Morningstar to create new style box for liquid alt funds InvestmentNews.

4 Large-Cap Blend Mutual Funds For Best Returns - Seeking Alpha
Blend funds - also called "hybrid funds " - owe their origin to the graphical representation of their equity style box . In addition to diversification, blend funds offer a great mix of growth and value investment. Below, we share with you four top.

Get Organized -
What's your style for organizing your financial documents? Are you a ... Not only have most financial providers made it easy to pay bills and retrieve the documents you need on demand, but mutual fund companies and brokerage firms are now also.

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