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5 Best-Performing Mutual Funds of Q3
A significant jump in tech stocks, meanwhile, boosted the tech-laden Nasdaq ... Banking on such positive vibes, the addition of mutual funds to your portfolio having strong exposure to U.S. companies could prove lucrative. Now, let us take a look at.

A Fund To Avoid In The Newly Rated Real Estate Sector
We found this fund by leveraging our Robo-Analyst technology to sift through the holdings of all 206 Real Estate ETFs and mutual funds ... or-better rated stocks compared to 27% for the Vanguard REIT Index Fund (VNQ). In addition, exposure to Unattractive.

Why cost matters in the active vs. passive debate
When Vanguard launched the first index mutual fund for retail investors in 1976 ... It was the early days of the tech boom, and it was my job to sell our investments and retirement services to Fortune 500 companies. I'd meet with clients to discuss.

Vanguard is nearing the $5 trillion milestone — but here’s where the rush could end
It’s no secret, then, that this can’t-go-wrong bull market has pumped up the demand for low-cost, passive mutual funds and ETFs. According to The Wall Street Journal, investors poured nearly $300 billion into Vanguard Group index funds in the first nin.

How Should You Pick a Mutual Fund? Not Like This
Or, ‘My dad told me about a Vanguard ... kinds of mutual funds. Equity funds track the stock growth of a large swath of companies by index, industry or country. “I see a lot of younger investors who want to invest primarily in tech, because that.

Could the Big Technology Companies of Today Be the Financial Advisers of Tomorrow?
The success of Chinese technology players entering the financial ... its Prime membership and credit card users, while Vanguard could continue to achieve record fund inflows and grow its mutual fund and Personal Advisor Services businesses.

Russell Index Finally Discovers Chinese Tech Stocks, As More U.S. Investors Pile In
This means that all the FTSE Russell Indices that have China equities in them will now add China tech stocks. Funds that track those indices will have to buy those stocks. The $299 billion Vanguard Total International Stock Index (VGTSX) mutual fund will.

Vanguard's Best ETFs So Far in 2017
Vanguard Group has developed its own set of ETFs, working in line with its well-established reputation for seeking to minimize the costs of its fund offerings to shareholders ... term investments for the future. Technology has been a long-term growth.

LevelTen Energy raises $6.8M to make it easier for big companies to buy renewable energy
“Imagine if and Vanguard had a baby that really cared about clean ... solar and other renewable projects into a portfolio, similar to a mutual fund. That makes it easier for a larger variety of companies to purchase power.

An Old-School Investment Manager That Builds Wealth Quietly
Mr. Pohl’s peer proudly described the way that new technology allowed him to track, in real time, how its vast portfolio of mutual funds ... paid to advertise its small stable of funds. If the indexing giant Vanguard were reincarnated as a pure stock.

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