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Cramer Remix: My top 3 tips for young investors - CNBC
For younger investors who are trying to take an active hand in managing their money, the first step in achieving financial freedom is to invest. It's the only way to creating a life that isn't completely dependent on a paycheck, Cramer says. However.

New Netflix series 'Ozark' is full of money advice you shouldn't take - CNBC
A new Netflix drama series "Ozark" (think "Breaking Bad" on water) focuses on corrupt Chicago-based financial advisor Marty Byrde, who launders money for Mexican drug dealers. While you may not ... (See our graphic below for the best tips .) Just.

Advisors Go Holistic By Expanding Their Skill Sets - Investor's Business Daily
Along with educating clients, financial advisors who promote their comprehensive approach need to acquire the in-house expertise to follow through. If you're going to market your firm's long list of services, you must possess the specialized knowledge.

Wish I Knew: 5 tips for managing your money
Part 4 is all about your finances. We talked with financial advisor Brent Petty from Northwest Capital Management about his top five tips to get on track financially. “A lot of people get intimidated just getting started. It's not a conversation most.

My best friend is a CPA and a CFP — and he gave me the best financial advice I've ever heard - Business Insider
Like me, he's a CPA and a CFP. When I was just starting out in my career, Bill gave me the best financial advice I've ever heard. “Same house, same spouse, same car.” Bill and I were discussing what it takes for the average individual to become.

Pioneer's public officials get crash course in school committee, supt. relationship - The Recorder
Speakers from various state agencies cleared up confusion on the roles of Superintendent Ruth Miller versus the roles of the School Committee, and offered tips for better, law-abiding operation of the school district. ... Patricia Martin of the.

I'm a financial planner — here's the single best piece of advice I can give you about money - Business Insider
Even the most successful people have a money-related regret or two (or more). As a financial planner in New York City, I've come to expect new client meetings to include conversations about financial anxiety, confusion, and frustration. The reality is.

One Of The World's Top Financial Advisors Says This Is The Best Way To Invest Your Money - Forbes
I really encourage anyone who's interested in not just their own money but literally the future of America to read this book. I recently interviewed Leland Faust to get his advice on how to invest smartly. (The transcript below has been edited lightly.

Worried about possible retirement changes? 3 pieces of advice from a federal financial planner -
The best financial plans keep one simple premise in mind: control the things you can control, Klingler said. Three major pieces make up the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS): a defined benefit pension, Social Security and the Thrift Savings Plan.

COLLEGE BASKETBALL BOLD PREDICTIONS: What craziness should you expect this season? -
Given that West Virginia, TCU and Texas all look like potential threats for that top spot, plus the fact that the middle of the league (and to a lesser extent the bottom) will be as strong as any year, there are enough obstacles in the way – and enough.

Not made of money? Financial advice is still for you - USA TODAY
But the idea that you need a lot of money to seek out — and benefit from — financial advice is largely a misconception, says Shannon Pike, president of the Financial Planning Association. “Financial planning is for everyone,” says Pike. “If you don't.

Warren Buffett's Single-Best Piece Of Advice - Forbes
letter - Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Berkshire Hathaway Inc.

The knives are out for Theresa May again: 40 MPs say she must go - ForexLive
All the biggest trading floors in the world have screens locked on ForexLive™. We provide ... Educate yourself on the risks associated with foreign exchange trading, and seek advice from an independent financial or tax advisor if you have any questions.

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