Viatical Mutual Funds Performance Comparisons

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How do I judge a mutual fund's performance?
Some mutual funds, like asset allocation funds, offer a well-diversified investment in just one product. As with any investment, evaluating a mutual fund's performance and ... review the historical performance data and compare your chosen mutual fund.

Goldman Sachs Loses Luster in Comparison of Mutual Fund Performance
The review, performed with Morningstar, finds most mutual funds run by Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo “have underperformed their basic benchmarks over the last 10 years.” Of all the banks, Goldman’s performance comes.

Reviewing portfolio regularly: A comparison of SIP performance
Recently, someone sent me some article regarding need to periodically review mutual fund schemes one has invested in. The article stressed on the performance of funds ... is it fair to compare? Let us now look at the NAV chart for all the schemes for.

New Evidence On Mutual Fund Performance: A Comparison Of Alternative Bootstrap Methods
New Evidence On Mutual Fund Performance: A Comparison Of Alternative Bootstrap Methods – Introduction Evidence collected over an extended period on the performance of (open-ended) mutual funds in the US (Jensen (1968), Malkiel (1995), Wermers.

Are your mutual funds underperforming?
Just as we can learn much from our past mistakes, there are lessons that underperforming mutual fund schemes can teach ... “IDFC Premier was a star performer earlier. Its performance started deteriorating after its fund manager left and that is a valid.

What Is Value Investing And Why Invest In Value Funds
To put it simply, when you invest in equity - directly or through the mutual fund route - you are usually concerned ... which have been a drag on the company's overall performance. Instances such as these are examples of misallocation of capital by.

A Fund To Avoid In The Newly Rated Real Estate Sector
Neuberger Berman Real Estate Fund is in the Danger Zone this week. The only justification for a mutual fund to charge higher fees than its passively-managed ETF benchmark is “active” management that leads to out-performance. A fund is most likely to.

Comparisons to Other Mutual Funds Can Be Misleading
Lipper mutual fund averages are benchmarks that measure the performance of funds in a given category against ... a valid apples-to-apples comparison." They also note you can't purchase the Morningstar benchmarks so the use of them doesn't represent a.

3 Costly Mistakes First-Time Mutual Fund Investors Make
“Mutual ... performance, aim for sustainability. When you have decades to invest, a fund that generates steady, consistent returns over time may prove much more valuable than one with returns that are a series of peaks and valleys. Making only surface.

Don’t be too quick to change that fund
Making investment choices, be it a review of existing funds or fresh investments, is predisposed to starting with a peer group performance comparison ... is relatively new in my routine as compared to mutual funds; hence, for me it’s an easy decision.

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