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Why you need a Swiss private bank to help with your wealth management
However Swiss banks are also known for their centuries of asset management expertise and for their ability ... Switzerland’s oldest private bank, Wegelin & Co, founded in 1741, pleaded guilty in January to helping some of the richest people in the.

Special Report: The battle for the Swiss soul - Reuters
Neutral Switzerland's self-image as a safe haven for the persecuted and their assets was punctured in the 1990s, when a national commission found it had refused entry to many Jews escaping the Nazis. Its banks ... Until recently, St. Gallen was home to.

Swiss City Fears for Cultural Legacy in Wake of a Bank's Fall - New York Times
Its senior managing partner, Konrad Hummler, was the son of a former mayor, chairman of the board of the Neue ZĂĽrcher Zeitung, the Zurich daily that is the country's leading newspaper, and the prolific author of columns in which he often denounced the.

Switzerland's New Controls for Runaway Alternative Investments, Shadow Banking & Tax Avoidance Schemes?
Quality of asset management is to be raised substantially ... institutions that have already claimed the life of Wegelin, the oldest private bank in Switzerland established 270 years ago in 1741, which collapsed in January 2012. [ATCA Briefing: What.

Aufteilung von Vescore ist vollzogen - finews.ch
Mit Benedikt Czok hat 1741 Funds Solutions auch einen neuen CEO erhalten. Czok war zuvor Compliance-Chef von Vescore gewesen und davor Head Legal bei 1741 Asset Management , das zu Notenstein La Roche Privatbank und davor zu Wegelin &nbsp.

A former exec of a Swiss private bank offers his insights into the country's wealth management business and what ... - RIABiz
The former UBS private banking chief in Russia was barnstorming the United States in discovery mode of what U.S. financial advisors — and the technologists who support them — know about wealth management that traditional Swiss bankers do not. Robins.

Wegelin & Co shut its doors - EuropeanCEO
It has been in operation since 1741 . The Wegelin case is one of many Swiss banks being investigated by US authorities following the 2009 deal ... Appearing in court on behalf of the bank, Otto Bruderer, a managing partner, pled guilty and admitted that.

US court orders oldest Swiss bank to pay up - swissinfo.ch
Wegelin & Co., founded in 1741 in St. Gallen, is shutting its doors after the resolution of a US court case over aiding tax evaders. A United States court has sentenced ... The US Justice Department has gathered significant evidence against Swiss banks.

Wegelin: Death Throes of Swiss Banking Secrecy & Asymmetric Risk to Swiss Banks - mi2g
Wegelin bank -- established 270 years ago in 1741 -- managed to survive every threat across three centuries: revolution, financial disaster, and war including being invaded by Napoleon, the Sonderbund civil war and then Hitler. .... Even the biggest.

Ex-Vescore-Banker findet neue Heimat - finews.ch
Schubiger sass zudem in der Geschäftsleitung der inzwischen verkauften Raiffeisen-Tochter Vescore und amtete als Investmentchef der Vescore-Vorläuferfirma 1741 Asset Management . Auch Gander sammelte dort Erfahrungen: Mehrere Jahre&nbsp.

Oldest Swiss bank falls victim to US tax probe
ZURICH (Reuters) - Wegelin ... in the business of wealth management, will secure 700 jobs in Switzerland, Raiffeisen said. Raiffeisen, which specializes in mortgage lending, is looking to build up its presence in wealth and asset management.

Discreet Swiss Banks Now Offering Sophisticated Investment Vehicles
The Swiss have been able to ride a global explosion in asset management, fueled by rapid growth ... The Swiss are working hard to keep their edge. At Wegelin & Company, a boutique private bank set up in 1741, Konrad Hummler, a 53-year-old nattily dressed.

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